Mobile Health Unit

3D Concept Model (Take a Virtual Tour)

We are excited to announce the development of our new Mobile Health Unit (MHU), set to arrive in August 2024. This innovative unit represents a significant advancement in our ongoing mission to enhance community health services by offering versatile and direct access to comprehensive healthcare.

Spanning 35 feet, the MHU is meticulously designed to facilitate medical, dental, and behavioral health care, with a dual-purpose space that supports the diverse health needs of our community. The interior features high-quality dental chairs, a Midmark 204 exam table, and dedicated areas for behavioral health consultations, allowing the unit to be configured for specific health services or a combination thereof, depending on community needs.

Equipped with state-of-the-art medical, dental, and behavioral health equipment, including Welch Allyn diagnostic tools and a ProCartâ„¢ III mobile treatment console with an integrated vacuum, compressor, and amalgam separator, the unit is poised to deliver a wide range of treatments efficiently and with minimal environmental impact.

The unit’s design emphasizes patient comfort and functionality, featuring custom-built cabinets, and will be outfitted with advanced broadband technology, providing high-speed internet connectivity. This enables seamless communication and data transfer, facilitating telehealth sessions and real-time health monitoring, which are essential for modern healthcare delivery.

This mobility allows us to significantly extend our reach, ensuring that high-quality healthcare, including crucial behavioral health services, is accessible to everyone, right in their communities.

As we prepare for the launch, we are excited about the potential to break down the traditional barriers to healthcare access, such as transportation, which can hinder timely care. This mobile unit will travel directly to those in need, significantly improving access to essential medical, dental, and behavioral health services and fostering health equity.

Since 1979, we have been committed to serving the uninsured and medically underserved families in San Diego. Through strong collaborations with our strategic partners, this mobile unit will enhance our ability to provide comprehensive care directly in the neighborhoods we serve. This initiative is crucial in our continuous effort to improve health outcomes and ensure every member of our community has the opportunity to live a healthier, fuller life.

Stay tuned for further updates as we progress towards bringing this revolutionary project to the streets of San Diego, reinforcing our commitment to community well-being and health equity.