Good Medicine Youth Outreach



Introductory Statement

San Diego American Indian Health Center (SDAIHC) would like to extend a warm welcome to our community and introduce you to our Youth Outreach Program. Our goal is to connect our youth with culturally based self-esteem activities that support wellness through cultural events, such as pow-wows, sweat lodge ceremonies, Indigenous arts and crafts, healing talking circles, and Universal Intertribal gatherings and cultural functions. We also support our youth within their educational path in life from grade school to college as our youth will be our future generations in Indian Country.

About Our Youth Program

Generation Red Road Youth Curriculum

The Generation Red Road Youth Curriculum consists of Indigenous culturally evidenced-based practices for healing historical trauma and intergenerational trauma in Native American communities. The curriculum-driven programs braid Prevention, and Early Intervention, focused on substance use disorders, suicide prevention, mental wellbeing, and healing through traditionally based activities such as our Generation Red Road Talking Circle, where youth can partake in being in balance spiritually mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Indigenous Arts

SDAIHC Wellness team will provide Indigenous-based arts and crafts for our youth for healing. The groups utilized are “Let’s Get Crafty” and Art class in person and on virtual platforms. The youth will be learning basic drawing skills, Indigenous arts and crafts, and how to make powwow and ceremony regalia.

Youth Intertribal Council

We empower our youth to step up and use their voices to learn how to advocate for themselves, their families, and their communities. By uplifting our youth and including them in the significant matters that Native Americans face in Urban communities and Indian Country, our youth will be able to support our people as they are our future generations and will transition into leaders in our communities and Nations. The age of our youth council will be 18-24.

Youth and Elder Mentorship

The SDAIHC Wellness team promotes bonding with our Youth and Elders through cooking, learning, playing sports, mentorship, and cultural teachings. The youth will also bond with our Elders and strengthen honoring our Elders in a good way by building relationships and learning from our Wisdom Keepers.

Indigenous Storytelling

The Wellness team at SDAIHC would like to honor our elders and adults passing on Indigenous Oral Tradition through storytelling to our youth. The youth will learn about Native American history that may be dismissed. We do not blame our past; however, we must acknowledge it for healing. Storytelling will provide bonding with our youth and pass on cultural teachings and stories to uplift our youth and help them walk in a good way with mind, body, and spirit. Let’s keep our traditions alive for our future generations!

Intertribal Sports (ITS)

Intertribal Sports (ITS) is a sports program designed for Southern California Native American communities by providing athletic opportunities and believes in balancing education and staying aligned mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and culturally. ITS offers sports activities such as basketball, cheer, flag football, softball, cross country, and soccer. Other activities provided are group social outings and leadership activities.


Back to School toolkit (English and Spanish)  for school district leaders, teachers, parent leaders, and school supporters that want to help increase confidence in and uptake of COVID-19 vaccines in their school. Toolkit includes vaccination clinic guides, resources for parent leader meetings, and more.

Visit our resource hub with materials on how to reach for students, teens, parents, and young adults as health professionals, organizations, and community leaders.