Behavioral Health

The Behavioral Health Department provides confidential outpatient therapy for individuals, couples, and families. Our Behavioral Health Department is dedicated to using a culturally-informed approach and fully integrating services with our medical and dental departments, providing comprehensive whole-person care. The clinicians in Behavioral Health represent a variety of clinical disciplines including psychiatry, psychology, social, and substance abuse services. Our providers offer our clients a richly diverse therapeutic and healing environment that is spiritually and culturally relevant. Behavioral Health clinicians are sensitive towards the cultural perspective and diversity of each Native American client.

Common issues people seek counseling for include:

  • Personal and emotional issues
  • Alcohol and drug problems
  • Family and relationship issues
  • School and work problems

To make an appointment with a behavioral health provider, please call 619-234-2158.

There is a Spiritual Solutions Talking Circle for recovery on Wednesday evenings from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The group is open to all in recovery and is run by a traditional healer. Our Elders Circle meets weekly and is open to individuals of all ages who desire an opportunity to meet together in a small group to hear from, and honor, our Elders. Wellbriety Gatherings are weekly support groups open to all adults seeking cultural based healing and recovery through kinship. We gather to offer one another encouragement in our sober journey. Our Cultural Creations Workshop meets weekly and provides an opportunity to gather around the table, enjoy healing conversation and create cultural art. You can learn about our programs by visiting the Adult Programs section of this website.

Behavioral health services are provided at NO COST to verified American Indians. Non-Indians are also welcome to receive behavioral health services. No-cost programs are available to eligible persons who are uninsured and Medi-Cal is also accepted.

SDAIHC Alcohol & Substance Abuse Program

The SDAIHC Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program’s approach to treatment is a combination of western treatment approaches and traditional Native American practices. It is the Clinic’s belief and philosophy that identifying and being connected with one’s culture is a culturally competent treatment approach which fosters recovery. In our ASAP program, the Native American Healing Methods to be incorporated include: Elder Blessings, Smudging, Talking Circles, culture classes/workshops, and referrals to Traditional Healers and Sweat Lodges. These cultural activities and connections, along with “contemporary western” treatment methods, such as outpatient substance abuse counseling, outpatient substance abuse groups, and referrals to A.A. and N.A., provide the best potential for treatment success with our urban Native American clients

The ASAP Program goals are to provide out-patient treatment planning, psychoeducation, support and recovery maintenance for clients. All clients admitted to the Clinic’s ASAP program will attend an intake appointment where a mental health and substance abuse assessment can be completed. An ASI is completed by the ASAP Counselor. The intake assessment helps the counselor and client develop an appropriate treatment plan. Based on the needs that are assessed and the collaborative treatment plan created, clients may be referred to multiple services as appropriate. Here are some examples of possible services and referrals that could be made based on intake and assessment:

  • Individual, couples, family and group out-patient counseling by ASAP Counselor
  • Referral to a Behavioral Health therapist for more in-depth individual or family therapy
  • Substance abuse psychoeducation
  • 12 step referrals/other recovery support groups
  • Referrals for psychotropic medication evaluations
  • Referrals to Medical detoxification/detox
  • Referrals to Residential rehabilitation
  • Referrals to Sober living environment
  • Referrals to SDAIHC Medical or Dental services

SDAIHC’s Behavioral Health Alcohol & Substance Abuse outpatient program is licensed by the State Department of Health Care Services. (Certification number 370120AN, expiration date 04/30/2023).

SDAIHC will be following San Diego county and FDA guidance around benzodiazepine prescribing going forward. Prescriptions of these medicines, including alprazolam, diazepam, lorazepam, and clonazepam will be rare and short-term, and existing long-term prescriptions of these medications will be tapered slowly while other safer, evidence-based medicines are offered to treat the symptoms for which these medicines were originally given. Please talk to your provider with concerns and individualized plans around this health center policy.  More Information

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